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Artists Slam Grammy Academy President Over His Statements Telling Women To 'Step Up'
4 months ago

After only one women won a major award at the Grammy's this year, Neil Portnow, president of the Grammy's, said that women needed to "step up" in response to the clear gender divide.  

His comment was quickly met with a reality check from major players of the game, including P!nk who wrote a hand written letter to Neil. 

A slew of other female superstars chimed in on how ridiculous the president's comment was. 

Tegan and Sara jumped in on the conversation saying that the time is up on men abusing power. 

Sheryl Crow made a statement about bringing back the female/male categories.

Music fans had something to say about the situation too. 

Lets all thank P!nk for bringing this man back down to reality, shall we?

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