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Ari Perilstein/Getty Images
Hollywood Stars Dressed To Impress At The Pre-Grammy Gala—And We're Not Worthy
3 months ago

The 60th annual Grammy Awards were held this past Sunday, January 28. But before the main event every year, record producer Clive Davis hosts an only slightly-less glamorous gathering: The Annual Pre-Grammy Gala. 

The superstars all turned out and, to nobody's surprise, they dressed to the nines.

This was just one of several red carpets the musicians walked that day.

Their fashion was absolutely stunning!

But some of the pictures were just plain adorable.

The gala also honored JAY-Z, 21-time Grammy winner and music pioneer.

Alicia Keys even performed a tribute to JAY-Z while he was in the audience.

Everyone seemed to have a great time.

Beyoncé got a giant shout-out from Clive Davis:

The gala was a memorable event, but it was still just a warm-up for the real Grammys.

If only we'd been there to hear some of these amazing performances.

Oh well. Maybe next year...