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Photo by Alexander Vorontsov/Galerie Bilderwelt-Getty Images
102-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Thought Brother Died In Camps—Then He Met His Nephew

At the age of 24, Eliahu Pietruszka fled Nazi-occupied Poland and the beginning of WWII. He never saw his brothers again and assumed over time they were both killed. Now, nearly 80 years later, Pietruszka discovered that one of his brothers had lived, and had a son.

In an emotional meeting in November 2017, Pietruszka, now 102, met his 66-year-old nephew, Alexandre. The long overdue and emotional meeting was possible because of an extensive online database of Holocaust survivors and victims. Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial maintains the comprehensive online database, a powerful genealogy tool that has reunited hundreds of long-lost relatives.

The meeting was particularly bittersweet. With the advancing age of survivors, reunions like this are fading into the past. 

When the elder Pietruszka hugged his nephew for the first time he said: 

 You are a copy of your father. I haven't slept in two nights waiting for you.

The reunion was captured on video. 

And the story has touched many hearts. 

We all hope that this kind of history never repeats itself. 

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