Holly Marie Combs Sounds Off About 'Charmed' Reboot—And She's Got A Point

Holly Marie Combs Sounds Off About 'Charmed' Reboot—And She's Got A Point
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Updated 6 months ago

Fans of the show Charmed have been losing their collective minds to fits of fan joy since news of a reboot. That's about to change for several of them thanks to a recent announcement and comments by one of the original stars. 

The show announced that it would be "adding" a feminist twist.

The problem isn't with the idea of a feminist stance. To many, witches are a symbol of feminism, particularly since standing up for yourself as a woman was often all it took to be branded as one. The problem is with the idea of "adding" a feminist twist to a show that was one of the most feminist things to happen. 

Original cast member Holly Marie Combs noticed, but she wasn't the only one. Take a look: 

Holly went on to explain exactly why calling the show a "feminist" reboot was an insult. First, the network actively blocked Charmed from coming back in the past even though the show's fans, cast, and crew were all ready and willing to continue. Second, both Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano have been a big part of major feminist moments lately, so...


So maybe blocking actual progress and then claiming to "add" feminism to an already strongly feminist show wasn't such a good call?

It's certainly got HMC fired up, and nobody wants that. 

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