Rumors That Bernie Sanders May Run For President Again In 2020 Emerge Online

Rumors That Bernie Sanders May Run For President Again In 2020 Emerge Online
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6 months ago

Bernie Sanders made history as the most successful first-time Presidential candidate not to end up with the nomination.

He went from a little-known but locally dominant independent Senator in Vermont to securing just under half of America's Democratic primary votes, making economic inequality his primary focus and challenging the establishment political system. Since the election he's maintained his position as primary foil of the cartoon billionaire currently occupying the White House and has long maintained the distinction of being the most popular political figure in the nation. Just Wednesday he hosted an online town hall on the topic of Universal Healthcare and got a staggering 1.1 million people watching live. He introduced a universal healthcare bill in 2013 with zero co-authors - now he has sixteen, including young-gun Democratic senators Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris. 

So with all this momentum, what's a prominent voice of the opposition party to do? Mull things over, and it seems this week they did just that.

He's consistently refused to rule out a second campaign, keeping his options open and his priorities squarely on overwhelmingly popular ideas like Medicare for All, fighting income inequality, and electoral reform. According to top Democrats close to the Senator, the meeting in question wasn't called solely to discuss a Sanders 2020 campaign and that it was one in a series of talks on the Democratic left's plans for 2018 - retaking the House and the Senate from the Republicans and stopping Trump.

We're a long ways away from the 2020 campaign, but serious candidates have to take a long approach and Sanders isn't the kind of politician who teases his audience. And there's really no need for him to be coy about it - Sanders has kept in the spotlight and consequently his supporters haven't let off their enthusiasm one bit.

Granted, this is politics and there are some folks out there who don't care for Senator Sanders.

Still though, the millennial-driven meme library in his favor is pretty strong.


And this is, of course, still very early. But it's a clear message that a heavyweight is in the game.

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