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Footage Of Indonesian Military Killing Snakes And Drinking Their Blood Emerges Online
4 months ago

*WARNING: This post contains video images some viewers may find disturbing*

U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim "Mad Dog" Mattis was on a three-day visit to Indonesia, building partnerships and alliances in the region, when he got a little bit more than he bargained for. In a special performance (set to music), Indonesian commandos ripped live king cobras apart with their teeth before drinking the snakes' blood.

The snake-display was part of a larger presentation on some of the Indonesian army's extreme skill-set.

Video footage shows the snake-biting ceremony, as well as soldiers breaking bricks on each others bodies or with their heads.

The video footage is, at best, a little odd and, at worst, pretty disturbing.

The soldiers also leapt over flaming bricks!

Apparently, the entire demonstration may have been a bit counterproductive.

Secretary Mattis probably felt pretty strange while watching the ceremony...

One thing's for sure: if Indonesia ever goes to war with the snakes, they'll be well-prepared.