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Young Man Sneezing . (Photo by Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)
Man's Story About Teen Supressing A Sneeze On The Subway Is As Heroic As They Come

Jamie Susskind captivated Twitter by narrated his early morning commute on the Tube in London this morning where a young bloke nearly snot rocketed all over a packed train car. 

Jamie managed to include most of the horrendous details of a packed morning commute on public transportation in a major city.

Amidst the awful Tube conditions, Jamie tells us what really made him panic on his commute. 

Everyone who has been in this situation knows that projectile sneezing is one of the last things anyone wants in this situation. 

Jamie perfectly paints the image of the anxiety producing scene. 

It turns out that holding in a sneeze can have serious repercussions. 

The young man was instantly deemed a hero of the Tube that morning. 

Cheers to this young man for not sneezing all over the Tube, and Jamie for the amazing narration of this truly captivating event!

H/T-  Twitter