A Female Train Conductor Was Just Fired For 'Racy' Photoshoot, And People Don't Agree

A Female Train Conductor Was Just Fired For 'Racy' Photoshoot, And People Don't Agree
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Updated 7 months ago

The Canadian railroad Canadian Pacific (CP) is under fire for letting one of its conductors go for an 'ethics' violation connected to a 'racy' photo shoot she did on railroad tracks.

According to official company statements, Stephanie Katelnikoff was fired for saying negative things about the company on social media as well as breaching the company code of ethics. When the company presented an evidence package to support her firing, they included images taken on train tracks as a part of Stephanie's modeling portfolio. They claimed the images, which were posted under a pseudonym and not connected to CP in any way, damaged the company's reputation. 

You mean these images, CP?

Yeah, Twitter was not ok with this...

Even people who disagreed with her photo shoots for safety reasons didn't think it was reason enough for firing.

And...I mean...

But the thing is, this wasn't even the first time Canadian Pacific fired Stephanie. 

Back in 2014, Stephanie was the conductor at the helm when a train derailed in Banff, Canada. While the investigation concluded that equipment was at fault in the derailment, not the operator, CP still proceeded to fire her.

Then after a years long battle to get her job back, which she won, Stephanie was pretty much immediately fired all over again.

Their motivation seems pretty clear:

Not to mention the fact that Stephanie seems to be a model citizen in her spare time.

An angel, in fact:

Not cool, CP, not cool at all.

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