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Kevin Winter / Getty Images
Christina Aguilera Just Teased Her Next Album, And Her Fans Are Loving It
3 months ago

Fans have been anticipating a new album for more than five years, and now, Christina Aguilera announced that it is in the works.

On Monday, Aguilera took to social media to share the news. She posted a meme of her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with a post-it note attached asking “Dear Christina Aguilera, Where the f— is the new album??” to which she replied "It's coming bitches..."

The "Genie in a Bottle" singer hasn't released a new album since 2012's Lotus, which brought about the chart-topping "Just a Fool" which she sang with her former The Voice co-host Blake Shelton. Despite that, the album as a whole didn't do well and has since become one of the lowest-selling albums out of the seven that she has released. She has since had three singles, including her duet with Pitbull, "Feel This Moment." 

Christina didn't give much detail about her upcoming album, other than the fact that one is on the way:

Obviously her fans were totally thrilled, eager for some long-overdue new music:

And some are pointing out that it has been far too long...

Considering she has teased an album in the past, some fans are nervous she might not actually debut anything in the near future:

Nonetheless, fans are reminding everyone that she still reigns as a queen: