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We're Getting Our First Look At The Cast Of 'The Incredibles 2'—And We Can't Wait

Disney Pixar films have a history of inconsistent sequels. For every Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3, we get a Cars 2 and Cars 3.

One upcoming Pixar sequel has the most ravenous fans praying for a solid story.


In 2004 The Incredibes was a critical and commercial success for the popular animation company. While other Pixar films have gotten follow-ups, the Parr family and their superhero antics have been conspicuous in their absence — until the sequel was finally announced in 2015.

And fans have finally gotten the casting call.

Many original cast members will return, like Craig T. Nelson as "Mr. Incredible" and Holly Hunter as "Elastigirl." And a few new voices and faces have sprung up, including Isabella Rossellini's "Ambassador" and Sophia Bush's new hero, "Voyd." 

Speculation may now begin on what the new film's plot will bring.

New characters also include Bob Oedenkirk's "Winston Deavor" and Catherine Keener's "Evelyn Deavor," who may or may not be the Parr family's new nemeses, alongside Huckleberry Milner as "Dash."

Twitter users were happy to share their enthusiasm for the voices, both new and old.

Save the day: June 15, 2018.

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