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One German Serial Killer Charged With 97 More Counts Of Murder—And We're Horrified
3 months ago

One nurse who has already been sentenced to life in prison is now facing a trial for another 97 murders. Niels Hoegel, 41, has been accused of being the worst serial killer in post-war Germany, and his third trial is anticipated to begin sometime this year. 

Hoegel admitted to injecting his patients with drugs that caused their heart to stop or circulatory collapse, so he would be able to revive them and be regarded as a great doctor at the Delmenhorst Hospital. In the process, he murdered six of his patients, which he said was out of "boredom." Toxicology testing came back and linked him to a staggering 97 murders on top of the six he had already been convicted for. 

His first arrest was back in 2005, when a fellow nurse saw Hoegel attempting to inject a patient at the hospital. That patient survived and three years later, he was sent to more than seven years in jail for attempted murder. Then, in 2015 he was charged with life for the six murders, although investigators believe that there are even more than that, even with the addition 97. 

Investigations are still being done at Delmenhorst and Oldenburg to see if more patient deaths could be linked to Hoegel.

Niels Hoegel has been charged with an additional 97 counts of murder on top of the six he has been charged with in previous trials:

People are both furious and terrified that there are people like him who have the potential and medical knowledge to do this:

Of course his vile excuse of being "bored" isn't sitting well with anyone:

He also said that he felt a sensation of "euphoria" upon reviving patients from these lethal injections.

Some are also calling him out for covering his face, noting that he shouldn't be able to hide from the shame or the press after what he did:

Sending condolences and well wishes to all affected by this horrible tragedy. Hopefully, this will force more strict regulations into place so tragic situations like this one this can be prevented in the future.