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Conan O'Brien Is Still In Haiti, And He's Tweeting Updates While He's There
3 months ago

Late-night host Conan O'Brien landed in Haiti on Thursday to kick off a travel special exploring the culture and people of the country. O'Brien announced the trip after President Trump's recent derogatory remarks, saying he was he was still, "reeling from @realDonaldTrump’s very negative Yelp review of Haiti."

O'Brien said on his Monday night show:

I have no idea what the president has against the people of Haiti, but if the president doesn’t like them, they must be lovely people.  

It didn't take O'Brien long to start his Caribbean trip off right:

Then O'Brien was off to culinary school:

On day two, Conan and crew visited a local school:

And on day three, O'Brien got to know more locals: 

On his last day, O'Brien took time to enjoy the view before he had to pack up and head back home:

It was a wild trip, and fans thanked him for showing all the country and its people have to offer:

O'Brien wrapped up his adventure by thanking the people of Haiti for their hospitality:

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