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James D. Morgan/Getty Images
Pilot Tries To Land Plane Despite Intense Crosswinds—And We're Feeling Motion Sick 😖

A wind storm swept through Europe on Thursday, January 18th, with gusts reaching nearly 70 miles per hour. People standing on solid ground were pretty safe, but the same can't be said of one Dash8 Q400 who was tasked with landing at Düsseldorf Airport while crosswinds battered the aircraft. 


Just how dramatic these winds were becomes even clearer once the plane nears the runway:


No one wants to fly in conditions like these.


Fortunately, the pilot, trained to handle crosswinds (though most aren't quite so strong), managed to land the plane without injury or incident. How did he do it? Why, by landing sideways of course!

You can watch the whole video here:

H/T - Mashable, YouTube