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Pilot Removed From Airplane Moments Before Take-Off—And It Potentially Saved 300 Lives
3 months ago

A pilot was removed from a British Airways flight just moments before take-off. The close call undoubtedly had passengers wiping their brows and praising the airline for taking action. 

The incident occurred on Thursday at Gatwick Airport on a flight to Mauritius. Colleagues of the pilot in question noticed that he smelled of alcohol and became concerned. Once alerted, British Airways (BA) didn't hesitate to have the intoxicated pilot removed by police—potentially saving the lives of the  300 passengers and personnel on board. 

"We are taking this matter extremely seriously," said a BA spokesman.  

The flight was delayed while a replacement pilot was found. The 49-year-old first officer was arrested and remains in police custody. 

Twitter applauded British Airways for putting the safety of their passengers and crew first: 

Others debated implementing a mandatory breathalyzer test before take-off:

And the opposition:

And some noted their preference for other forms of transportation: