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YouTube via HvdH-Plane-Spotter
Unsettling Video Of Plane Trying To Land In Extreme Winds Emerges Online
3 months ago

 A pilot flying a Eurowings  Dash8 Q400  landed in extremely heavy winds at Düsseldorf Airport in Germany.  German planespotter Hans van den Hövel  caught the nerve wracking landing on video, posting it to YouTube. With winds nearly 70 mph the plane can be seen swerving from side to side, turning to an almost 90 degree angle as it nears the runway. 

By some miracle, or a lot of skill on the part of the pilot manages to touch down and right the plane before taxiing down the runway as if it was a walk in the park. We wonder if the passengers felt so nonchalant about the landing. According to van den Hövel, the landing was during the worst storm Germany has seen in 11 years. 

If your heart can handle it, check out the video below. 

The thoughts were with the passengers. 

And some thoughts for the pilot. 

Hope they still give out barf bags on planes.