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Lady Bird Trailer/Youtube
'Lady Bird' Is No Longer The #1 Highest Rated Film On Rotten Tomatoes
3 months ago

As of November 27, 2017, Lady Bird held the distinction of being the highest rated movie of all time on Rotten Tomatoes — with 165 reviews, all at a 100% fresh rating. It edged out longtime favorite and previous title holder Toy Story 2 (163 reviews) for the honor. But a fuzzy new contender has emerged to capture the hearts and ratings of reviewers everywhere.

Who has snatched the record from Lady Bird's hands with his charmingly icky, marmalade-sticky paws? Paddington.

And Paddington fans are a passionate bunch:

Like, really passionate:

Others vowed to get to the theaters to see what all the fuss is about:  

Though there seems to be no arguing its inherent entertainment value, some folks are questioning its new distinction:

But I'd think twice before tampering with its rating: