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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Just Wrote An Essay In Defense Of Luke Skywalker—And It's Online

 People are taking a strong stance on how they feel about The Last Jedi. The film has received mostly positive reviews, but not everyone agrees. One point of contention is the development of Luke Skywalker's character. The debate rages on if Luke's behavior was true to the character. 

 Actor/filmmaker, Joseph Gordon-Levitt ( (500) Days of Summer, 50/50 and Third Rock From The Sun)  weighed in with a 2,000 word essay he published on Medium.  

Gordon-Levitt defends the portrayal of Luke's character saying: 

"Flawless characters feel thin."And forgive me if I blaspheme, but the young Luke Skywalker always did feel just a little light to me, which is why it was so cool this time around to see him fill out into a more imperfect human being." 

 Gordon-Levitt, goes on to add:

" I also wanna say, I’m not here to tell anybody they’re wrong. Personally, I don’t think it’s possible to be wrong when it comes to movies, or art, or literature, or whatever you wanna call it. "

Um, has Gordon-Levitt been on Twiiter? 


Gordon-Levitt's opinion went over as well as expected. (Spoilers!)

And now for the flip side. 

Okay, this could go on for a while. Perhaps see the movie and make your own opinion. Then share it on Twitter! 

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