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Andrew Francis Wallace/Getty Images
Five-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Killed By Rolling SUV In School Parking Lot—And Parents Are Livid
3 months ago

At just five years old, Camila Torcato had already beaten cancer and was returning to school after going through chemotherapy. A terrible tragedy struck on Monday, January 15, however, when an empty SUV in a Toronto School parking lot rolled into Camila, pinning her against her family's car and killing her.

Her family is beyond devastated.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

An impromptu memorial has been set up outside the school near the spot where Camila died.

A GoFundMe campaign is collecting donations to help support Camila's family.

The accident has prompted a dialogue about school safety.

The empty car that killed Camila was parked illegally before it rolled, but it wasn't the only threat to children's safety.

There could be some easy ways to improve the situation.

Twitter sees the need for change:

One way or another, we must work to avoid this happening again. Camila had already been through so much when her life was taken from her. 

Perhaps her death with save other children.