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Democrats Score Huge Win In Wisconsin Special Election—And Republicans Should Be Nervous

Democrats Score Huge Win In Wisconsin Special Election—And Republicans Should Be Nervous
Updated 4 months ago

Democrats celebrated after Patty Schachtner claimed a state Senate seat in Wisconsin on Tuesday — one that has been a Republican stronghold. Schachtner, a medical examiner from St. Croix County, beat Republican Adam Jarchow by nine points. Former Republican Senator Sheila Harsdorf held the seat for 16 years, and the upset victory is the latest in a series of recent Democratic wins since Trump took office. Political shifts in some parts of America are making the GOP nervous about the upcoming midterm elections.

Could the tide finally be turning?

When Schachtner announced her candidacy for the special election back in November, her campaign focused on fighting for families in Wisconsin and working with communities to come up with common sense solutions.

On Tuesday, she issued a statement:

This campaign was about investing in people and revitalizing our area, whether that is making sure that every Wisconsinite has access to affordable health care, funding our public schools, technical colleges and UW campuses, or investing in good-paying jobs right here in Western Wisconsin. Tonight, voters showed that they share those priorities, and I am deeply grateful for their support.

GOP opponent Adam Jarchow conceded the race and congratulated Schachtner on her win:

Governor Scott Walker expressed his concerns over the Democratic victory:

And House Speaker Paul Ryan agreed:

Meanwhile, Dems are feeling optimistic:

According to news outlets, Schachtner ran a campaign based on positive goals, and Republicans elsewhere in the state should be nervous about her win.

Schachtner said:

People sent a message tonight we don’t want to be negative anymore. Change it up. I ran a positive campaign...My message has always been be kind, be considerate and we need to help people when they’re down.

The balance of power in the Senate still favors Republicans, who maintain a 18-14 majority and one vacancy for the fall campaign season, but the turning tide is giving Democrats much-needed hope.