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Bob Oliver/Getty Images
Scientists Just Proved That It Wasn't Rats That Caused The Black Plague

According to a new study conducted at the University of Oslo, rats may not have been behind the spread of the black plague during the middle ages. After building complex models based on historical data, scientists studied the patterns of how the plague spread during the 1300s.

Using models that simulated airborne rat and human based transmissions, scientists discovered that the human model matched the mortality patterns in seven out of nine cities studied. Although rats may have played a part in spreading more modern plagues, the study suggests the largest epidemic may have been the result of medieval hygiene and sanitation standards.

Twitter found the news... interesting.

Though some questioned the value of the study:

But many were just glad rats were finally found "not guilty" of the 600-year-old charges:

Now that the rats are cleared, though, cats may have some explaining to do:

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