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Floor Collapses At Indonesia's Stock Exchange, Injuring At Least 72

Dozens are left with injuries after a mezzanine walkway in Jakarta, Indonesia collapsed on Monday. 

The horrible incident unfolded around noon in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Afterward, the building was evacuated and people waited and  attempted to recover outside before being taken to three different hospitals in 15 ambulances. 

Police are investigating the scene, figuring out how this happened and if there was foul play involved. In 2000, the same building was the target of a terrorist attack. Despite this the police do not believe that what unfolded this week was the result of a bomb or explosion. 

Meanwhile those who were there have been posting photos and videos of the ruins on social media, showing the devastating of the event.

People have shared footage of the crumbled remains:

As well as the painful aftermath and trauma:

Naturally, this incident left most people terrified:

72 people have casualties but none have been deemed fatal as of right now. People are pouring their hearts out to the families and the victims:

Hoping for a full and speedy recovery for all of the people involved.

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