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Johnny Weir Is Over Tonya Harding's Hollywood Redemption—But Twitter Has Mixed Feelings

Johnny Weir, the Olympic figure skater who competed at the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics, has no time for what he perceives as a 'redemption' story for Tonya Harding thanks to the popularity of the new movie I, Tonya, which garnered multiple Golden Globe nominations, as well as a win for Alison Janney for her much lauded turn as Tonya Harding's mother, LaVona Golden. Last Tuesday, Weir tweeted:

For anyone living under a rock, Tonya Harding went from being one of the most watched young figure skaters to tabloid headline overnight after an assailant attacked one of her main rivals, Nancy Kerrigan, by hitting her on her landing leg with a police baton. Harding's ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, as well as her body guard, Shawn Eckhardt, were found guilty of conspiring to hire Shane Stant to commit the attack. While Gillooly still maintains that Harding had prior knowledge of the attack, Harding still maintains that she did not till this day, and she was never convicted of being involved in the conspiracy in court, though this was in part thanks to her guilty plea for hindering an FBI investigation.

Michael couldn't agree more with Weir:

But this person disagreed:

Beth tried to explain that the movie wasn't just about her being from the 'wrong side of the tracks':

But Debi still wasn't having it:

This person understood Weir's point but still enjoyed the film:

This person had no time for perceived hypocrisy:

And Tyler pointed out one of the most important themes of the story:


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