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New Safety Announcement On London Busses Isn't Go Over So Well—And We Can See Why
3 months ago

How useful is a safety message if it comes after the fact? Londoners are asking themselves this very question.

Transport for London implemented a new word of warning that announces the bus is about to move. Commuters have made a note that the warning comes a solid 20- 30 seconds after the bus lurches back into motion, rendering it as rather useless.

People have taken to social media to share their thoughts and even videos of the late warning that comes on after-the-fact. Transport for London has maintained that this is a trial period which might mean resolving the error of timing on their part. Perhaps? Hopefully?

Londoners are complaining that the timing is more than off:

Some people are thankful for the precaution, like people who are visually impaired. Especially for their sake, however, a warning that comes on at the right time would be useful. 

Not that one shouldn't anticipate motion on a moving bus:

People are making a total meme out of the delayed warnings:

Some are having nightmares about the trial. Others are anticipating a revolution. Who could blame them for either? 

Will the busses get ahold of their timing and correct this issue? Stay tuned to find out.

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