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Visa Just Made Using Your Credit Card A Whole Lot Easier—And It's About Time

Mastercard did it. Discover did it. Even American Express made the switch. Now, finally, Visa is catching up with the trend and making a change to the way we make purchases. 

On Friday, January 12, the credit card giant announced signatures would no longer be required unless a retailer wants one.

Companies can now afford to get rid of signatures because enhanced security measures, like card chips, have made the once-useful step somewhat superfluous. 

Now, all the signature does is waste a moment before you complete your transaction — but no more!

Visa is also experimenting with new security options, like fingerprint scanning:

Making signatures "optional" isn't quite the same as eliminating them entirely (as other credit card companies did). 

But few retailers are expected to insist upon John Hancocks when they serve no real purpose.

And let's be honest, most people get pretty lazy with their "signature" anyway:

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