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Shaun White Qualifies For His Fourth Olympics In Epic Fashion—And We're Not Worthy
4 months ago

If you're not a fan of snowboarder Shaun White, you're about to be. He just qualified for the Olympics for the fourth time with a run that scored him a perfect 100. Nobody else had even scored in the 90's  during the days run, including Shaun himself. This was his final run of the day and he clearly blew it out of the water. 

The poor announcer is going to need a day off, or at least some throat lozenges. 

Believe it or not, this wasn't his first time scoring a perfect 100. He did it once in 2012 as well. That didn't make it any less impressive to his fans. 

We know we mentioned it before, but the announcer was sooooo into it! He sort of became an unintentional co-star in the videos. 

Amazingly, some people were still unimpressed with the run. 

We don't know enough about snowboarding to really offer any arguments of merit one way or the other; but we know one thing for sure, the only way we could do anything close to what Shaun does is like this: