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First-Time Tweeter’s Moving Story About Working For Obama Has Us Missing Him So

2017 was a darn long year, and 2018 isn't looking any shorter. 

A lot of that is because we're overwhelmed with the insanity coming out of our government on a daily basis. It's odd to think back to a simpler time, to an executive branch helmed by a steadier hand. Barack Obama wasn't universally adored, not was he a perfect president, but he may have taken all the dignity with him when he left early last year. Gary Lee worked for President Obama and took to twitter to tell a short story that is going viral in a big way. Check it out. 

Look at the delight on Gary's face. We should all have a boss as cool as his.

Man, talk about a strong first use of Twitter. The internet came out to celebrate the more inclusive foundations of America.

America is an idea that we all share, folks. 

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