Megyn Kelly Just Said That Women Enjoy Being Fat Shamed—It Didn't End Well

Megyn Kelly Just Said That Women Enjoy Being Fat Shamed—It Didn't End Well
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Updated 6 months ago

Someone thought having "fit Mom" Maria Kang and Megyn Kelly discuss motivation and weight loss was a good idea. It wasn't. 

Kang's rise to fame came after she posted an insulting photo asking, "What's your Excuse?" while she posed with her ultra- fit body and her three kids. It was as if she ripped out a page of Fat Shaming 101. Now Kang is trying to revamp her image (kinda) by re-releasing the photo with a new (kinda) message. 

See what she did there? She took out the word "excuse" and replaced it with "reason," so it's no longer offensive. 

If that wasn't bad enough, Kang sat down with Kelly, so the two thin women could discuss what it's like to have weight loss goals. 

Kelly went on to say that fat shaming can be quite the motivator:

 "When I was in law school, I was gaining weight. I said to my stepfather, ‘If you see me going into that kitchen one more time, you say, “Where you going, fat ass?’” And it works! "

For a brief moment we could see Kang reliving her past and knowing this conversation was going nowhere good, but then she abandoned all thoughts and dove in head first adding:

 "My husband does that to me all the time. I tell him my goals, and if it’s early in the morning and he sees me still in bed, he’s like: ‘What are you doing in here?’”

Yeah. Twitter had some words, starting with another Meghan. 

Kelly quickly took notice of the reactions she was getting and walked back her comment. 

There seems to be a standard response when celebrities are called out for saying something particularly hurtful, and that is to say "we need to have a conversation" around the topic. 

Here's a tip, try having a conversation in the privacy of your own head before you open your mouth.