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Researchers Catch Shark With Extendable Jaw—And It Looks Like 'Alien' Is Real After All

Few people know what horrors slide through the depths of our vast, unexplored oceans. Every now and then, however, a tiny hint of what lies below gets dragged up by fishing nets or washes up on the beach. In January 2018, researchers working with the Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute netted five rare viper sharks off the coast of Taiwan. The creatures are unique for many reasons, but their most eye-catching feature has to be their fanged jaws, which can detach from their mouths and leap forward. 

The sharks bear an unsettling resemblance to the creatures from Ridley Scott's Alien.

Viper sharks have been discovered only near the coasts of Japan, Hawaii and Taiwan. Like many creatures of the deep ocean, they're bioluminescent, emitting small amounts of light from dots on their undersides. They eat fish and crustaceans by impaling them with their extendable jaws before swallowing their prey whole. 

How adorable!

Though many sharks have extendable jaws, the viper shark's is so dramatic that Twitter can't help but take notice:

When researchers recovered the specimens, one was still living. They tried to keep it alive, but it died.

Creepy, right? Next time, we're definitely going to think twice before deep-sea diving in the Pacific Ocean.

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