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Teacher Arrested For Criticizing Superintendent's Raise Speaks Out—And She Has A Point
3 months ago

A Louisiana teacher was arrested at a school board meeting after questioning superintendent Jerome Puyau's pay raise. Deyshia Hargrave criticized the new contract, which includes a $38,000 raise and a car, during the public comment portion of the meeting. Police arrested Hargrave and led her away in handcuffs.

Hargrave was disappointed that no one intervened, and expects the superintendent to apologize.

Hargrave hopes this will spark a conversation within the public education system:

I’m hoping for teachers, people outside of education, to have a voice. Show up. You don’t have to say anything, just show up. Just do something. It’s sad that a woman has to be forcibly, violently removed from a board meeting for people to start caring.

Hargrave pointed out that educators such as herself haven't received a raise in well over a decade:

We’re doing the work, the students are doing the work. At the top, that’s not where kids learn. It’s in the classrooms. And those teachers, like myself, are not getting a dime from that, and that is unspeakable.

People came to her defense after she spoke her mind:

Others weren't surprised. Apparently cases like this aren't uncommon:

Freedom of speech was once taken for granted:

Puyau has said that he deserves a raise for improving the rankings of his school district. He also pointed out that there is never a good time to give a superintendent a raise, despite acknowledging that the money could be used to fund classroom expenses.

The city prosecutor told HuffPost he will not pursue the charges against Hargrave.