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DOJ Terrorism Expert Lays Out Exactly Why White Guys Aren't Labeled As Terrorists By Feds
3 months ago

People have long questioned why armed white men aren't labelled terrorists or even domestic terrorists. Time and time again, shooting after mass shooting, white men continue to be referred to as "gunmen." Most of these cases meet the definition of domestic terrorism, so why do law enforcement and the media almost always refuse to use that term?

Department of Justice Counsel Thomas Brzozowski explained that federal prosecutors are given fewer resources to charge domestic terrorists than foreign terrorist groups. 

Another common notion is that the government prioritizes Islamic extremism, which Brzozowski has denied.

In many instances, the government is going to be constrained, to a certain degree, from stepping in front of a podium and saying, ‘Ladies and gentleman, we’re revealing domestic terrorism here. The department is going to be somewhat reluctant to come out in front during litigation in these types of cases and name someone as a domestic terrorist.

But people are tired of excuses and want to see change:

Others insist that terrorism is not all-encompassing:

But many agree that these men should be labeled domestic terrorists:

Some people don't care what we call it because regardless, the government controls the media: