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Genius Girl Plays 'Star Wars' Cantina Theme With A Pencil—And We're Impressed

Dani Ochoa, 19, is working towards a degree in optical engineering. 

As Ochoa worked on a problem, she noticed the scratching of her pencil sounded vaguely familiar.

I was in the middle of a math problem, and I had written the term “x+4″ about three times when I realised ‘hey, that definitely sounds like the beginning of the Cantina song. I sent a recording to some friends, who encouraged me to expand on it, which I did over the course of an hour until it sounded just right.
It started with x+4... and I couldn’t unhear it. Instead of doing my math homework I figured out what the Cantina Theme would sound like if your instrument was a pencil. from StarWars


As if the rest of us mere mortals didn't feel stupid enough, Ochoa went on to figure out John William's Imperial March. You know, because she can. 

Hey, thanks, u/smokay83 for making this sub! Now I have a place to put the IMPERIAL MARCH! from pencilmusic

Okay, now she's just showing off.

Twitter was impressed. 

Imagine what she will be capable of after she gets her degree!

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