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We're Getting Our First Look At Tom Hardy In New 'Venom' Film—And Twitter Is Buzzing

On Thursday, IGN posted this official first look at Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, aka Venom, in the upcoming film named for the character. Though in the Marvel Universe, Venom made his first appearances in the Spiderman continuity, Marvel has stated that Venom will not take place in the same universe as their new Spiderman franchise, which stars Tom Holland.

Video from the official reveal can be seen below:

Naturally, people are freaking out. Chelsea couldn't think of better casting:

Britt was eyeing Tom Hardy's accessories:

This person was curious how they were going to handle the symbiotes:

For those who don't know, Venom's first appearance in the Marvel comics was as an alter-ego of sorts of Spiderman. Basically, the symbiotes are an alien race of parasites who fuse themselves with unwilling human hosts, which is how Venom first comes to be.

Chris Evangelista found this Easter egg:

Or did he?

Joshua was a little concerned about which Marvel storyline they were lifting the plot from:

But this person had no time for the haters:

And Rachael knew the truth:

We can't wait!

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