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Queen's Bra-Fitter Loses Longtime Royal Warrant After Tell-All Book About Fittings
4 months ago

We'd never really stopped to think about it, but the Queen of England can't exactly pop over to the nearest Victoria's Secret and pick up a few bras on the way home from work. Like so many other services, the bras must come to her. For almost six decades, the same company has been coming to the palace to provide bra fittings for the Queen and supply royal underthings as needed. That company is no longer allowed to do so after the former (not current) owner, June Kenton, penned a book. Although the book centers predominantly around the history of the company, it does mention the Queen and her fittings from time to time, though never in any overly descriptive way. That doesn't seem to matter, though. 

The Queen does not like anyone writing about her bosom.

Interestingly, a fair number of people seem to think the removal of the company's royal warrant is unfair. Not only did the current owner of the company have nothing to do with the book, but the book didn't actually say anything negative or revealing. The most "salacious" part described measuring the Queen while she was half-dressed and in front of her corgis. 

Let's be honest, most of us do tons of stuff while half-dressed in front of our dogs. Why would the Queen be any different? 

Of course some people felt mentioning the Queen at all was a betrayal of privacy (one person said it amounted to gossiping about what was seen in a dressing room) and a grab for money. The online arguments about a 91-year-old woman's breasts ran deep. We'll spare you the details for now.

Let's focus on the people who got down to the important work — breast puns. 

No word yet on who the new royal bra-fitters will be, but we'll be sure to keep you abreast of the situation. No, we're not even a little bit sorry for that pun. 

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