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Photo by Francis Dean/Corbis via Getty Images
New, Bizarre IKEA Ad Has People Scratching Their Heads, And With Good Reason
3 months ago

In one of the most bizarre marketing campaigns in modern times, Swedish furniture company IKEA has combined technology for a pregnancy test with its latest magazine ads. Female customers are encouraged to urinate on the ad. If they are pregnant the ad will reveal a discount price and redeemable code for a new IKEA crib.

It's a coupon and pregnancy test all in one!

We can only hope the coupon code is redeemable online:

There were those who pointed out that not all expecting parents are pregnant:

Unfortunately, some people learned the hard way the ad only worked on paper:

The overall consensus was simply, "Why?"

There was a lot of speculation about who came up with this idea:

There's good attention and then there's really bad attention.