Mark Wahlberg's Pay For Recent Movie Has Many People Crying Foul

Mark Wahlberg's Pay For Recent Movie Has Many People Crying Foul
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Updated 5 months ago

A decision that initially earned Ridley Scott's All The Money In The World lots of public praise is proving more complicated than Scott probably anticipated. The movie initially featured Kevin Spacey as J. Paul Getty, the then-richest man in the world. With only two months until the movie premiered, however, allegations surfaced revealing Spacey's sordid past of sexual misconduct. In cutting ties with Spacey, Ridley Scott made what seemed like a smart move: he re-cast Christopher Plumber as Getty and re-shot all the necessary scenes in just over a week.

Replacing one of the film's lead actors with so little time was a bold and perhaps unprecedented feat that people admired. But there was a less admirable side to the process. On Tuesday, January 9, USA Today revealed that, despite Scott's earlier remarks that everyone had done the re-shoots "for nothing," Mark Wahlberg had received a $1.5 million paycheck while his female co-star Michelle Williams (who received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance) received less than $1000.

Wait, what?

Celebrities quickly criticized the film because of its massive pay gap:

It's incredible that someone saw those paychecks and signed off on them.

From a publicity standpoint, it's an unforgivably sexist move.

It's also a slap in the face to Williams' performance, which has received numerous accolades and award nominations.

Many people in Hollywood can't believe it:

It's unclear how All the Money In The World's movie studio will handle this debacle, and how Mark Wahlberg will react to the fallout. 

Maybe we'll see a large charitable donation from Wahlberg in the near future?