Steven Spielberg Just Commented On Female Directors And The Oscars

Steven Spielberg Just Commented On Female Directors And The Oscars
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6 months ago

Everyone applauded as Natalie Portman called out the "all-male nominees" for best director at the Golden Globes. People were infuriated that the women who directed several top-notch movies, like Lady Bird and Wonder Woman, were snubbed.

According to Steven Spielberg, though, women will have their time to shine during the Oscars. He was one of the five men nominated for the Golden Globes, but was ultimately beat out by Guillermo del Toro for The Shape of Water. Spielberg commented on the controversy, saying that there are some amazing female directors out there right now, specifically naming Wonder Woman, Mudbound, and Lady Bird

“There’s also a watershed happening right now, slowly, maybe not fast enough, for women directors...This is a pretty incredible year, and I think you’ll be seeing some nominations. I’m predicting at the Oscars this year for a woman director, if not several.” the famous director said.

Spielberg also weighed in on the discussion of sexual harassment and abuse in the media that ultimately led to the movement that was Time's Up at the Golden Globes. He called the move to raise awareness for sexual assault in Hollywood a “powerful, a watershed for women, a watershed for men, who will learn to listen or those who have been listening.”

Some believe that pushing for a certain director to win might compromise quality:

While others believe that several women have produced award-worthy films:

And then there are those who snub award season altogether:

Hoping for a future where those who deserve a win get one.