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Chrissy Teigen Asks For Video Game Recommendation—It Didn't Go So Well

Chrissy Teigen Asks For Video Game Recommendation—It Didn't Go So Well
Updated 4 months ago

Chrissy Teigen is a model, show host, cookbook author, Twitter goddess, and currently growing a tiny person inside of her. That last part is wreaking havoc on her body, as it does for most pregnant women, and Teigen occasionally reaches out to Twitter for advice,  suggestions, and helpful hints. She did it again recently and regretted it pretty much immediately. 

Take a look:

Teigen has been very open with her fans and followers about the struggles and obstacles in her life. Her anxiety and depression are both medically managed, but unfortunately being pregnant means that management has had to shift a little bit. Avoiding certain triggers becomes hugely important, no matter how little or silly those triggers seem to other people. 

Twitter got that, and got right on helping her find another game to play:

There was a clear winner in the suggestions, though — Stardew Valley:

Some fans tried to steer her away from the game, but they did so assuming she'd get totally engrossed in it:

But it turns out the slow pacing at the beginning of the game and not being able to do certain tasks at certain times became one of those triggers Teigen really needs to avoid right now. 

She decided to delete the game and shared the reason with her followers:

Sure, some people tried to convince her to stay, but most were supportive, and understand that pregnancy and mental health is a balancing act. Only the individual can decide what works for them and what doesn't. Congrats on that self-care, Chrissy. We're sure Stardew Valley would love to see you back if you decide to give it another go when you're feeling ready. 

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