'Roseanne' Revival Will Include A Boy Who Wears Girl's Clothing, And We Love It

'Roseanne' Revival Will Include A Boy Who Wears Girl's Clothing, And We Love It
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Updated 5 months ago

Sara Gilbert, executive producer of the new Roseanne reboot, spoke about the young character, Mark, Roseanne Conner’s grandson. Ames McNamara plays Mark, who likes to dress in clothes traditionally worn by girls.

Gilbert told Entertainment Weekly that viewers should not make assumptions:

I don’t want to pigeonhole him and say just because he dresses this way, that’s the only thing about him. He happens to dress that way but he’s an amazing, creative, brilliant kid, which you will see, and so is the kid, Ames, who plays him.

Gilbert, who plays Mark's mother Darlene, wanted to create a character that "represents the world.” The actress says the character is based on kids she knows who have decided to dress in non-traditional clothing. 

Bringing the character of Mark into the Connor family opens up the opportunity to examine social norms with humor.

This is a show that’s always been able to represent the world and talk about it without being so issue-heavy. We can do it through the dynamics of the family.

Fans of the show applauded the character choice:

Not everyone was celebrating diversity. The group One Million Moms reportedly called for a boycott of the show. 

A member of the group said:

Unfortunately, the age of Roseanne’s grandchildren may attract young viewers, so the victims of this outrageous program are the young cast members, not to mention any child who views the show. The sexualization and moral corruption of these children is child exploitation at its worst. No child should be introduced to the experience of mental disorders.

In response, Out Magazine remarked on the group’s claims about the character of Mark:

What this character actually represents is a historic step forward for diversity. Mark will be the youngest gender-fluid character on television and, for a generation of kids who struggle with their gender identity, he’ll be a beacon of hope.

Fans stood by the show and the new character: