Tonya Harding Just Got Into A Heated Television Interview—And We Were Riveted

Tonya Harding Just Got Into A Heated Television Interview—And We Were Riveted
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Updated 6 months ago

Former Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding attended the Golden Globes on Sunday night with the cast of I, Tonya, the popular biopic about her life. For the most part, the film paints Harding as a sympathetic character whose overbearing mother forced her into figure skating. Allison Janney won the award for best female supporting role for her portrayal of Harding's mother. The film also focuses on Harding's abusive husband, Jeff Gillooly, who was responsible for planning the attack on fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan.

On Tuesday, Harding appeared on Good Morning Britain via satellite from her home in Portland, Oregon. 

Things took a weird turn when host Piers Morgan accused Harding of playing the victim:

Maybe it suits you to play the victim, but the victim in all this wasn’t you, it was Nancy Kerrigan who had her Olympic dream shattered.

There was some awkward back and forth during which Harding tried to deflect the "question" and talk about how the film could help victims of abuse, but Morgan kept grilling Harding about whether or not she knew about the plan to attack Kerrigan.

Harding finally said:

Thank you so much I appreciate being on your show, but I think I’m going to have to say have a good night.

But Morgan wouldn't let it go:

Morgan: "You're going to end the interview because I think Nancy is the victim not you?"
Harding: "You wouldn't let me finish. People don't seem to understand there was a lot I was going through. That was why I chose to do this movie."
Morgan: "You did know what they were planning didn't you?"
Harding: "No I did not know anything prior."
Morgan: "Okay we'll leave it there."

CBS's The Talk asked Twitter users if they thought Harding was a victim:

And predictably, people had very mixed opinions:

Mark thought Tonya should have done her homework before appearing on Good Morning Britain

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