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Steve Carell And Kelly Clarkson Finally Meet In Pop Culture Moment For The Ages

 It took 13 years but fans of Steve Carell's The 40-Year-Old Virgin  finally got the big finish they've longed to see.  For those unfamiliar with the movie there is a famous scene where Carell's character gets an extremely painful chest wax. As the wax is pulled off, Carell screams out the seemingly random, "Kelly Clarkson," along with a string of swear words. 

What was surprising to many was that Carell and Clarkson did not know each other.  During an appearance on  Sunday Today last November Clarkson admitted she was bummed over the classic scene because she had still not met Carrell and she she's a huge fan. 

You can watch Clarkson discuss the movie below. 

But now the wait is over. Sunday night at the 75th Golden Globe Awards, during a commercial break, Clarkson and Carell met. It was the release 40 Year Old Virgin fans had been waiting for.  

Carell tweeted a photo with the caption we were all thinking:


Clarkson reiterated the same sentiments. 

While the rest of us worried, Judd Apatow was certain the meeting would happen one day. 

Fans were overjoyed that the moment finally arrived. 

 People were excited that they were excited.

We would too, Spencer. We would too. 

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