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Michael Shannon Channels His Inner Iggy Pop—And We Can't Look Away
4 months ago

Michael Shannon, all of our favorite oddball crush, had different plans than most of the rest of his industry this past Sunday night. He decided to spend the evening performing at a David Bowie tribute concert with Sons of the Silent Age. You can see him channeling Iggy Pop in this video:

The concert was focused on David Bowie's work from the 1970s. This was an era in which he grew close with Iggy Pop when the two performed together in Berlin, and Shannon utterly channeled him:

Needless to say, people were impressed:

Paul got a little hot and bothered:

Cathleen was utterly flabbergasted:

Someone needed to get a fainting couch for Dyan:

... And Alice:

Makeda understood:

And Barbara asked this important question:

No Barbara, no there's not.

Oh Michael Shannon, please never stop being your crazy self.