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Drew Angerer / Getty Images
Mitt Romney Reportedly Fought Private Battle With Prostate Cancer Over The Summer
4 months ago

Mitt Romney was treated for slow-growing prostate cancer following a diagnosis last summer. Sources who are close to the former presidential candidate revealed that he received treatment and had the cancer surgically removed before it got the chance to spread elsewhere. 

He had a successful treatment at the University of California-Irvine Medical Center, and chances of the cancer returning are slim. 

Sources confirmed his private battle which ended last summer:

Some were delighted his cancer treatment was a success: 

Because no one deserves cancer regardless of their political status. Right? Right.

Others harped on how he must have good health insurance to afford such care:

And of course a lot of people believe this will lead to him running for office...

Utah Senate Member Orrin Hatch announced he would be retiring at the end of this year. Meanwhile, Romney has been rumored to be running to take his place. He has ties to the state, along with a house, which would make him somewhat of a familiar face- although there has been no confirmation of him running. 

The Salt Lake Tribune conducted a poll which showed that 44% of Utah residents would support Romney replacing Hatch.

"I think people will probably be surprised at his willingness to support the president. He'll be a call it like he sees it kind of a guy — he'll say good things or harsh things depending on the situation." a close source to him has said.

Glad that Mitt had a successful procedure and remission.