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Frozen Baltimore Schools Ignite Twitter Debate Among Politicians And Parents

In Baltimore, Maryland, there are some schools that are too cool for kids. The winter storm that's battered the east coast with buckets of snow and below-freezing temperatures buckled floors, burst pipes, and pushed the thermostat down as low as 44 degrees before Baltimore schools began closing. 

The situation has become so drastic that the Governor himself has been forced to step in:

After a 4-day weekend spent making repairs, many schools re-opened on Monday, January 8th.

The school system sent out a lengthy statement addressing citizen's concerns:

Inevitably, the entire ordeal has turned into a political issue.

Though the schools were closed on the 4th and 5th, the city made what arrangements it could.

Things are still cold in the schools, but this race for Governor is HEATING UP!

Perhaps a funding issue is at play?

Everyone agrees something must be done, but Twitter isn't quite sure what.

Some people are even turning to crowd-funding:

This incident may have been foreshadowed...

Go and make your voice heard! It's time to do better!

Baltimore residents want to be sure this will never happen again.

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