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Twitter Thread Reveals How Rightwing Media And GOP Worked Together To Ruin A Man's Life

Twitter Thread Reveals How Rightwing Media And GOP Worked Together To Ruin A Man's Life
By Tom.
4 months ago

It seems as though no matter how hard they try, anyone connected to the FBI cannot escape headlines and scrutiny in the media. 

On May 9, 2017, Andrew McCabe began serving as acting Director of the FBI after President Donald Trump suspiciously dismissed James Comey. From that moment on it seems life has never been rockier. Mr. McCabe has been ensconced in an internal investigation involving his handling of the Hillary Clinton email debacle and his wife, Dr. Jill McCabe's run for Senate. 

According to Newsweek Republicans and the President have accused McCabe of showing biased with regard to Clinton in the investigation. Allegations began surfacing when The Wall Street Journal reported that McCabe’s wife received contributions for her state senate campaign from Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who happens to be a close political ally of Clintons. 

Now nothing has been proven and, in fact according to an internal memo released by the FBI McCabe only began overseeing the Clinton investigation in four months after his wife’s political defeat. But that has not stopped leaders f the GOP and rightwing media from rousing suspicion.

Podcast host and political commentator Jon Favreau let loose a string of tweets showing emails he discovered through the Freedom of Information Act detailing exactly how the GOP and their media co-horts weaved their own tale to tarnish a decorated public servant without concrete evidence. 

And now here we are. 

Now Mr. McCabe has announced plans for retirement in the coming months. Those plans have nothing to do with the investigation but it would be nice to leave your post of decades with dignity and not suspicion. Twitter had few thoughts.

No matter the antics of any of the political players they had better wake up and realize.... we're ALL watching. History will have it's way. You can't just ruin people on hearsay anymore without being noticed. 

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