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'Love & Hip Hop' Star Claps Back Hard At Trolls Claiming She's In Blackface
4 months ago

Internet trolls love to question Love & Hip Hop star Amara La Negra at every turn for her supposed use of blackface while portraying a Latina woman. There's just one problem: she's not using blackface. She is both Black and Latina, but many people seem to have trouble understanding that concept.

On the Shade Room this past Monday, January 1, La Negra addressed the numerous false rumors that she donned blackface for her role. 

La Negra said she'd like to use the reality show to "educate and inform people about Afro-Latinos."

This didn't quiet all the haters. On Thursday, January 4, La Negra posted a video of herself in a child pageant:

Adorable! And in the caption, La Negra shut down her trolls:

Well Yea I guess I was Born in a “Black Face Body!” Its funny that I even have to go through this and show you baby pictures or videos to prove to blogs and people on social media that my skin color is not airbrushed or spray tanned nor do I take melanin shots to be black! This s*** is hilarious 😂 however this is one of my favorite baby videos. I started when I was four years old doing beauty pageants, working on TV, commercials, etc. I have always been sassy & confident! Iv always been Naturally curvy Hips, Thighs, butt lol Thanks Mom/Dad lmao.. and Yess Thats My Hair! Back Then I used Braids... ( These days you gotta explain it all... Im Being Questioned every single part of my body )

But she is no stranger to racist behavior.

On the Dominican variety show Aquí Se Habla Español, local beauty queen Geisha Montes de Oca imitated La Negra's likeness:

On the premiere of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, a producer she was trying to work with, Young Hollywood, disrespected her:

Young Hollywood probably has quite a few regrets after that episode (including, but not limited to, the fact that his name is "Young Hollywood"). La Negra walked out on him in the studio, but shortly afterwards landed a multi-record recording deal with Fast Life Entertainment Worldwide and BMG. 

It pays to defend who you are.