Fan Gets Caught Googling Cole Sprouse—Right In Front Of Cole Sprouse 😂

Fan Gets Caught Googling Cole Sprouse—Right In Front Of Cole Sprouse 😂
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Updated 6 months ago

Dylan and Cole Sprouse are the OG awesome internet twins. Their time as child stars left them a little jaded, a lot witty, and endlessly full of snark. Of the two, Cole is arguable the sassier, and it shows on social media. Just recently that sass came out to play again when he busted someone googling him and then totally put her on blast.

Fans were amused. Deeply amused.

Lots of people had the same thought: 

And it turns out they were right! The fan, 19-year-old Janani Krishnan-Jha, recognized him but wanted to be absolutely sure of which twin he was. 

Can you blame her when the twins pull stunts like this? 

And while it's absolutely a social faux pas to google someone right in front of them, Janani was glad he didn't catch a glimpse of her screen a few seconds earlier. 

Janani confessed to BuzzFeed: 

 I decided to turn around and google the name quickly. I actually googled Dylan Sprouse first, so I hope he didn’t see that. 

But don't worry! The awkward encounter ended well. Janani worked up the courage to ask for a selfie and Cole admitted he had seen, and posted about, her googling him. 

They had a really good laugh before seflie-ing it up together. 

Even though I never thought he’d see me google him, I thought his reaction was extremely funny. I’m glad there were no hard feelings, and that I got to meet a childhood hero of mine!