Twitter Memes Their Own 'Stable Geniuses'—And We'd Have To Agree

Twitter Memes Their Own 'Stable Geniuses'—And We'd Have To Agree
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Updated 5 months ago

While it's generally a given these days that the stuff President Donald J. Trump's stubby digits tap out to the Twitterverse often seems to rival lines from the movie Idiocracy (covfefe anyone?), sometimes it's all too much for even Twitter users to bear. This was the case early Saturday morning when, in a burst of inspiration, our fearless leader decided to make the case for his own mental stability and intelligence.

Trump patted himself on the back by tweeting this: 

And this:

Twitter wasn't buying it and tried to show the President exactly what a "stable genius" looks like:

Some folks enjoyed imagining who else could have penned such a tweet:

Actress and comedian Mindy Kaling thought Trump's tweet shared some things with her character on The Mindy Project

Actor and comedian Albert Brooks also cracked wise:

Trump's tweet quickly backfired into a fail of epic proportions, with reactions pretty consistently not in his favor:

Even former White House Special Counsel for Ethics and Government Reform under Obama, Norm Eisen, weighed in:

Others wanted to pinpoint the exact moment Trump's "genius" set in:

Regardless of the comments by Twitter users and political pundits on the talk show circuit, it seems Trump still hadn't learned his lesson.

Instead, he continued to defend his intellect and sanity with reporters at a Camp David press briefing:

In the end, some thought the President might still be a bit confused:

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