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Frédéric Soltan / Getty Images
Giant Balloon Installed In London During Dangerously High Winds—What Could Go Wrong?

People handle the cold and harsh winter wind differently. Some brave it and go about life as normal, while others hibernate inside their apartment for fear of freezing. But, something that most don't go out and do? Suspend a giant balloon that could take out a building or two.

London has been brought to a standstill after a giant balloon was hung above the Oxford Circus. The balloon has been suspended for the Lumiere Light Festival which takes place later this month- but doing so now in the midst of strong winds has proven to be a big mistake. 

Take a look at how strong these winds are:

Seriously, this might not be the best idea:

People are frightened, and I mean, who could blame them?

Some people were having fun with it and making pop culture references:

It is a dead ringer for The Prisoner. Perhaps there is a secret reboot in the making?

Imagine driving past this giant balloon en route to school!

Here's to hoping that these winds die down enough for this thing to not be hazardous. 

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