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Virginia Republican Wins After Unusual Breaking Of A Tie—And Color Us Surprised

Virginia Republican Wins After Unusual Breaking Of A Tie—And Color Us Surprised
Updated 5 months ago

Republican David Yancey will keep his seat in the Virginia House of Delegates after the November election resulted in a perfect tie.

Every vote counts. Sort of!

Yancey's seat is especially important to Virginia Republicans since it maintains their control of the local legislature.

Yancey and Democrat Shelly Simonds received a lot of media attention when their election resulted in a 11,607–11,607 tie. Initially, Yancey came out a mere 10 votes ahead. After a recount, Simonds pulled ahead of Yancey by one vote. At that point it seemed like Democrats might snag the crucial chair, but Republicans countered by challenging a single vote cast for Simonds. 

Democrats tried to block the challenge but were overruled, resulting in a perfect tie.

To resolve the issue, local officials did something pretty unorthodox: they drew names out of a bucket. More specifically, they drew names out of a "special bowl crafted by the resident potter at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts," but the results were the same. 

Yancey's name was drawn, which means Republicans will keep their majority in the House.

Twitter users weren't happy about the results.

The loser of the drawing may request a second recount, but Simonds pledged beforehand that she would not ask for one should she lose the drawing. 

Yancey made no such pledge and he came out on the lucky end.

Though the most recent election cycle saw the Republicans' 66-seat majority shrink to a mere 51, it would seem they still control the Virginia House of Delegates. Democrats in the area are surely frustrated that a single vote stood between them and a tie in the state capitol. 

Or, rather, one non-voided vote decided the outcome.