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Adam Gray / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images
As East Coast Gets Pounded By 'Bomb Cyclone,' Twitter Shares Powerful, Icy Images
4 months ago

On Thursday, a 'bomb cyclone' hit much of the eastern seaboard. The storm itself is called "Grayson," and the term 'bomb cyclone' is a descriptor of the kind of storm it is. When a low pressure system loses even more pressure rapidly, it can strengthen a storm system exponentially and quickly. Fortune states:

"The ‘bomb’ part of the name refers to the phenomenon when the pressure inside a storm cell falls so quickly that it gives the storm explosive strength."

People started sharing photos of the epic storm on Twitter. There were these enormous ice sheets off the coast of Massachusetts:

And no, this isn't a train car on an icy street, this is a barge on frozen water!

But shockingly, the MTA appears to have the NYC subway system up and running. Maybe 'bomb cyclones' should pound the city more often...

Fountains froze in place.

South Carolina got snowed in:

Palm trees were reflected in the ice:

Roads were turned into ice skating rinks!

The Potomac was frozen solid!

Windshields froze, creating this ethereal effect:

And people were in the helping spirit:

Stay safe and warm everyone!

H/T: Twitter